Flame of Life - This Water is Dead

Everyone is always looking for what is new, unique, and brings a different taste musically when looking for new artists and songs. The search for new music that captures you is an everlasting journey for any music enthusiast. Look no further than the band Flame of Life. The band offers a flavorful taste of a new genre they call “Lazer”, with dashes of industrial and nu-metal, and other unique mixtures of sound.

Flame of Life features a lineup of member consisting of:

- Fazer (vocals)

- The Bottle (guitar)

- Dead Flower (bass)

- Arxonix (DJ)

- The Cowboy (drums)

With inspirations from Mudhoney, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, and Marilyn Monroe, the band has truly a unique blend of inspirations to draw that is strongly shown in their tracks.

In their latest single “This Water Is Dead”, you can find a pure definition of the term “experimental”. With an unorthodox approach and use of instruments and vocals, you can find yourself engulfed into a personalized experienced that can be found elsewhere. Flames of Life is not worried about fitting in the box of standard music, and nor should they. They are pushing the boundaries of what can be done musically.

Experimenting and creating a unique individual sound not found elsewhere is the pure beauty in music. The band has created their own lane that not just anyone can fit into. With time and growth, Flame of Life will continue to push the boundaries and should be appreciated for their artistic approach to creating sound.


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