Faultlines - Rise

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The California, folk-pop ensemble, Faultlines, creates a perfect record and has the perfect message during the international pandemic, "Rise".

Whether intentional or by coincidence this song functions as an anthem for those of us going through uncertain times with many states still under a stay-at-home order.  Faultlines always seeks to make records that invoke human emotion in a real way and their new song “Rise” is no different. 

One of the first things that stands out to the listeners is the structure of the entire the song. From the moment you press play the instrumentation, lyrical content and delivery all are building towards the grand hook. A hook that invoke the feeling of overcoming obstacles, “Your going to be surprised, When we rise up”. And while the song does give off an edge it simultansely provides relief and comfort just as equally.

Songs, like “SAVE US” and “Rise”, are right on brand for Faultline. Every year they host a benefits concerts in support of causes like ACLU and planned parenthood. Subjects that are often forgotten about but involve overcoming personal challenges. 

I expect their new song to catch on well with many of us hunkered down in our living rooms and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw this song pop-up on your Tik Tok timeline. 

It’s always refreshing and impressive for a musical act to stick to their roots and see that work pay when off when society needs them most. The club records will do us no good right now and the party records have no where to be played. What people are yearning for is a sense of humility and the reassurance that they have the strength to overcome obstacles. It’s great thing for the state of music to have artist like Faultline who can provide music for real life situations while maintaining their artistic integrity. 


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