Estelle California - My Name is Freedom

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Some people use their art to make money, some use it for the fame and perks of being a celebrity. However some use it to communicate powerful long lasting messages to the audience.

Estelle California falls into the category of making powerful music for the listeners. The French born singer is using her platform to bring empowerment to the type of people she saw as an adolescent be discriminated against.

Her newest single “The Land Of Freedom” off of the Album "My Name is Freedom" is a masterful example of doing just that. Estelle has a calming but demanding voice. It’s the type of voice that draws you in because of the quality of sound and once your in you have no choice but to hear the message. The primary single off of the album alone has accumulated over 50,000 streams.

While the album is headlined by "The Land of Freedom", the project as a whole ties together perfectly with a wholesome sound and cohesiveness from one track to the next. The album starts with the track "Star", a smooth chilling track that provides an abundance an ambiance around Estelle's voice. this is a perfect intro into the album. The album continues with "Who Are You" and "Black is the True Light", both of which offer a more up tempo energy that feature strong instrumental play to compliment. In "Who Are You" there is even a nice break where the guitar play shines immensely. The album wraps up with the record "Grateful", that provides a great conclusion to the project. The track provides a consistent flow and power to it that winds listeners down, looking internally to what we are each grateful in life for.

Estelle moved to Oakland, California in 2013 and since then has been inspired by the tradition and lifestyle of American culture that she changed her name to include California in it.

Not many artist can pull off the five plus minute track without the song getting repetitive or boring but she does so effortlessly. Because her musical exploration started when she was five years old playing the piano she has had years to master her craft and “My Name is Freedom” shows the years of hard work put in wrapped together in one powerful album.


You can stream the new single on all platforms and social media below:






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