Eli Tidmore Releases Two New Singles

Updated: May 7, 2020

Reigning from Austin, Texas, the do-it-all artist has recently released two new single titled "Deja Vu" and "Earned It".

"Deja Vu" was the first of these two tracks released on January 31. The track is a smooth rolling tracking that in terms of production and engineering stood out to me. the piano and guitar fit seamlessly together and I admired the use of small high hat rolls that usually are prominent in hip hop / pop beats. It was a small touch that I was intrigued to have incorporated in a song of this style. The claps that come in during different parts of the verses brings in a nice increase of energy to the track that your foot starts tapping to. The vocals are the core of the track flowing elegantly between the different pieces of the track as the energy rises and drops. The spacing and air left in parts and the holding of notes on the vocals allows the audience to really just ride the track. Many artist get caught up in filling the track with their voice and more words that they do not allow the track and instruments to breathe life as well. The song itself is an easy track for anyone to listen to and connect with a story of reminiscing on the past and recollection of feelings from a certain point in life. Eli did a wonderful job on this track from start to finish. It is not easy doing all of the song writing, recording, production, and engineering on your own and being successful at each piece at the same time. Eli Tidmore shows us all the diverse skills he possess when creating a new track.

The second track "Earned It" was released on Valentines Day for fans as a cover of the track "Earned It" by The Weeknd. The challenge that comes with doing any cover song, is ensuring you give the original song justice but also giving your own unique taste on it. Eli fulfilled this goal with perfection which is no easy when covering a song by a singer as talented as The Weeknd. Eli stayed in his lane with vocals and did not try to emulate the sound original vocals to much and stuck true to himself which anyone can admire. This helps make the track itself unique in it's own right. The reverb was on point to provide a ambient airy sound from the vocals. The guitar solo Eli slid in there should not go unnoticed. The solo was spot on and personally one of my favorite parts of the track. As I stated above, not enough artist give the instruments enough highlight in a track and once again Eli nails it. With Valentines Day already past us, it's still not to late to spend some time with your significant other and vibe to this track together.

You can follow Eli Tidmore on Twitter & Instagram: @EliTidmoreMusic

Other links you can find Eli Tidmore at:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EliTidmoreMusic

Website: www.elitidmoremusic.com


Eli Tidmore is a singer/songwriter in Austin, TX. Eli writes, records and produces all of my own music. 'Deja Vu' is a single from the upcoming album 'After Hours' which is set to release later this year. 'Earned It' is a cover of The Weeknd as a little Valentines gift for fans. With other strong and prominent songs in his catalog, Eli Tidmore is an artist to follow for today and the future.


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