EIVISSO x CBASS - Tell Me What You Want

When it comes to music, what we always find the most intrigue in, is the creative ideas artists come up with and seeing creatives collaborate on ideas. EIVISSO x CBASS is a unique production duo from Guatemala featuring DJ/Producer Alvin, and Producer/Songwriter, Sebastian who together form EIVISSO x CBASS. The two form such a strong duo thanks to the chemistry the two have built with one another, always in sync. With some Latin flavor, the duo continue to make music that’s packed to the brim with huge riffs, killer drops, and infectious melodies.

The duo comes together for their latest release "Tell Me What You Want" featuring JK el Specialista. The track features a strong melody that flows with some vocal punches that build from the beginning. The lead vocals provide a nice texture to the track, but what really shines here is the overall production quality. With strong build ups that peak then tones down, the track is put together beautifully. With different blends of energy on the track, it has value for different moods that gives it quality for any playlist you deem fit.

As a track that clocks in at three and half minutes, it has major replay value. Smooth melodies, punchy drums, catchy patterns, you truly are captivated throughout this track.

You can stream the track on all platforms now.


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