Djradtipptoppp - Mr William’s SICKNess LEXapro iLLness HIStory

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Anyone that follows our page and posts knows, we love experimental sounds and styles that push the boundaries. We have discovered one of the most exciting songs that falls under this umbrella that we have heard in quiet some time. Djradtipptoppp and his single “Mr William’s SICKNess LEXapro iLLness HIStory” has blessed us with one of the most mind bending tracks I have heard in quiet some time. On top of the insane creativity involved in his tracks, Djradtipptoppp creates his his tracks to combine techno and hiphop with raising awareness for social justice and mental health issues, to let artist and others reach out for treatment by providing medical hotline links to the SoundCloud community.

On this record, there are so many layers of sounds and transitions, it can’t be stated enough how much depth this record has. The track starts off with a distorted synth of sorts then increases the chaotic nature with insane drum patterns. The track then cuts down a bit with just a bit of drum punches with Robin Williams comedy samples playing overtop as the highlight. After the skit plays for a bit the momentum picks back up with the drums going crazy again and the implementation of some rad guitar play.

Halfway through after the momentum climbs enough, you get a clean transition into a completed different beat and sound with the Robin Williams skit still cutting in and out at parts. The beat on the second half is way more mellowed relax flow carrying it with a hypnotizing bass in the back. Towards the end of the track you start to get more of what you had in the beginning with static synths and wicked drum patterns coming in. I found this to be a real creative way to end the record with having the track wind down some then just crush the ending with chaos.

The use of so many different sounds and patterns coming in and out and different points takes a true knack of composing to make it all come together properly. Some may listen to this track and think they hear just sporadic noises, but this folks is what I like to call organized chaos. Everything on this record was done with true precision and skill and was masterfully put together. Throw in the fact of what the real meaning and story to this track is about in regards to mental health, and Djradtipptoppp really hit the nail on the head with this one.


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