Djradtipptoppp - "Federal Seasons IEP (Adverse Fx) DSM No Sound"

After the first single we shared by Djradtipptoppp, we couldn’t help ourselves to look at what else he had in his catalog. Our search was rewarded in the discovery of another fine track in “Federal Seasons IEP (Adverse Fx) DSM No Sound”. Just when we thought we had already been impressed enough, this record completely blew our mind. On this track we are blessed with 107 minutes of a mix of tracks, beats, and sounds that change up every frequently enough to keep you constantly entertained. This collage of music is not meant for just anyone though. For those that are use to your standard hit tracks and want music with catchy hooks, and some sing along anthem, this is not meant for you.

This track is all about variety, constant change, and unfamiliarity. You can expect to hear music you have never heard before coming in over and over, which for any music explorer out there would be gratefully delighted. This mix really is a music exploration into the deep depths and pockets of different genres all pulled into one symphony of a musical collage.

Many artists, DJ’s, and producers build themselves off of finding their own brand and style that they masterfully craft. The more we hear from Djradtipptoppp, the more we are finding a unqiue sound and style that he has put together. The term experimental gets thrown around a bit to loosely these days, even by ourselves at times. But here is a prime example of that term in it’s truest and purest form.

Oddly enough, that term is usually used when artists do something outside of their standard style, but this truly has become the style that Djradtipptoppp has owned. Always pushing the bar and doing things completely outside of the norm in a clean fashion that is pleasing to the ear. The masterful display of skill and meshing sounds together in such a unique way can not be overstated.

If you haven't jumped on the wagon now, I would hop on now before everyone else does. The time for Djradtipptoppp to shine will come sooner than later. We will be following along waiting for the next release. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented creator.


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