Djradtipptoppp Continues to Impress

A producer we have grown fond here on our platform, Djradtipptoppp has provided countless tracks and mixes that are built around shinning light on modern life issues. In his mixes he has released, he built the sound and message around creating awareness with reforming our government in the police force and expanding inclusivity around mental health awareness. Djradtipptoppp holds back nothing with wanting to use his music as a platform to include the current issues causing an uproar across the country with police brutality and murdering of black men and women. The message is clear from the beginning of being fed up with the corrupt violence that has been gotten away with for far to long, like many of us feel. Djradtipptoppp does a magnificent job to combine vocal samples from movies, interviews, etc and blend it within songs and transitioning from one message to another and combing a unique mixture of songs together.

The three latest mixes that we have had on rotation regularly are:

  1. SutKtkon Knivies and activistist soul held at dengel death and she had compassion

  2. ACUBC Vs. Will 666

  3. Federal Seasons Police 12 Pre Season Indictment

The prime importance of these tracks is being able to deliver music and a message that so many can relate and follow behind. While the message and lyrics alone make this song top notch, Djradtipptoppp shines musically on each of these record as well. Between hard punchy tracks he lays in with a combination of smooth harmonic tracks laying in the mix provide a contrasting sound that aide in complimenting one another. The best part is, each mix is so unique and individualized within it's own right, that each mix has endless replay value and you can pick up new stuff each time you listen. Djradtipptoppp shows his masterful skill to consistently hit his mixes on right on the head, over and over again.

The skills shown in combining a strong messages, unique tracks, and the ability to combine them all so flawlessly can not be overstated. There are just so many unique things coming in and out that Djradtipptoppp has these mixes continuously evolving.

With a combination of strong performances and messages such as this, Djradtipptoppp shows the talent he possess for doing more than most producers and dj's and is here to speak to the people and create some change. Want more on Djradtipptoppp,you can keep up with his latest released via:



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