DJ Ažurely - The Glow Up

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Native to New England, Ažurely was raised with a childhood around music and performances that had her starring in plays, musicals, singing, as well as playing different instruments. After high school, she attended both Emerson College and Berklee college of Music, offering further knowledge and advancing her skills further.

While making her routes through college, she ventured in the local EDM scene, finding a new taste that she enjoys. Starting out in the scene as a journalist and content promoter, she later moved on to become an in house DJ named, DJ Ažurely. After the past few years working as DJ Ažurely, she has had highly notable shows and direct support from the likes of Mercer at Bijou and playing on the bill with world-renowned acts such as Mija, OOKAY, Ducky, and Goldfish.

Coming off of so much recent success, DJ Ažurely has released a new single, "The Glow Up". The stunning track purposely encompasses the direction of DJ Ažurely's trajectory, glowing up. With a fun, high energy beat with hard kicks and crisp snares, the instrumental portion does not miss a step. The vocals on the track and without a doubt what stands out the most. With clean and clear vocals and solid notes throughout the entire track, features splashes of deep pitched doubles providing a great contrast. The background doubles and adlibs featuring shouting and singing shine bright and keep the ears consistently entertained. This record is an easy listen for all ears that should will acquire success in the months to come. When I say this track is a can't miss track, THIS TRACK IS A BULLSEYE.


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