Darshae Kiér - Halasana Girl

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

There really Is no excuse for not adding Darshae Kiér’s new single to your summer playlist. A sunny day, with nice drinks, and good people are just the environment this song was made for.

Halasana Girl has an energy and bounce to it that is truly infectious. With the pop reggaetón sound exploding recently this song fits perfectly in the landscape of today’s music.

Darshae Kiér is no stranger to making classic music. His single “Translation” did very well before this current release and the strength of this single will make prove to be a success as well.

What stands out the most is the authenticity. Kiér doesn’t sound like he is trying to make a single go fit in the genre; he sounds like he is apart of the genre and lives it. Authenticity is what can separate a good song from a great song and really make listeners connect on a deep level.


You can stream his new single on all major platform and follow him social media at:








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