Dannii Scott - Beleza

As we inch closer to being a quarter of the way through this year, I feel confident enough from our most recent discovery to proclaiming a project worthy of being claimed as my favorite independent project of the year thus far.

If you have not heard of him yet, it is time to get in tune with Dannii Scott, who is an electronic producer and artist based in Venice Beach, California. With genres spanning lo-fi, downtempo, ambient, psychedelic, house and hip-hop, Scott’s sound is versatile and eclectic, keeping listeners on their toes.

Originally I was going to pick my favorite track off of his upcoming EP "Beleza" to write and share about, but the more I took and consumed the project, the harder it became to pick just one track to highlight.

The project is a 6 track EP featuring a large variety of sound and style. Songs can be mind-bending and warping, to slow tempo boom-bap beats, and all the way up to some up-tempo music to get you to step with.

Scott shows a prolific ability create multiple styles of music to fit different scenes of energy. The EP starts with a smooth free spirited track "Embora Pra Mim" that is an easy listen on the ears and get the vibe started on the project just right. The track features an array of instruments and sound that keep you entertained through out.

Midway through the EP there is a track titled "Rest Easy, Bae" that serves as almost an interlude like bridge with a downtempo, lo-fi sound to it. This track stood out to me as I look as any "interlude" type of track as a way to bridge between to areas of a project.

Scott executes with precision in this area as a way to evolve from the slower tempo tracks into some more up beat records. The transition from "Rest Easy, Bae" to "For the Kids", a track with a powerful mix of samples and live sounding drums. The sound almost reminds me of Kanye with the utilization of vocal samples.

This EP is beautifully crafted with the right variety of tracks organized in a professional fashion that makes this more than just a collection of tracks, and a true piece of art.

"Beleza" the EP will available on all streaming platforms within the next month followed by an an Album in August, and you can bet we will be ready for it.


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