There is always a level of excitement that can found when artists blend genres together to create a unique sound. Latest example we have found was provided by Damien Knight and ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE. The two artists collab on the EP, “SUMMER iN SPACE. Vol. 1”.

This EP blends together the sounds of pop, dancehall, and reggaeton that provides a unique atmosphere when listening to. The EP starts off with the track “WHiTE WHYNE”, that is bouncy, yet mellow. AC provides a smooth elegant hook that is mixed beautifully mixed with depth and ambiance. The hook is very catchy easy to vibe with. The verses provide contrasting styles that leave you constantly entertained.

The next track “WiFEY” transitions in seamlessly with a smooth and spacey ambiance. The two artists carry the momentum from “WHiTE WHYNE” and bring it up a notch with a more intimate feeling coming from it. Once again, AC brings it with an astounding hook that sounds radio ready. The verses flow between the hooks perfectly. This record is flawless from start to end with an enchanting beat combined with masterful vocals and top-notch mixing and mastering. It’s a no brainer how this record has become the hit record fans have fell in love with off of the EP.

The EP concludes with the track “LOS APLAUSOS” that provides a well-done conclusion to the project. The energy and style provide contrast to the two tracks prior. The two artists combine to really show off their diverse skill set and talent they possess. With a up tempo beat, the two artists end the EP on a high point. Damien Knight shines on this record by showcasing his diverse set of skills. Within one track, Damien switches his flow and sound 3 times. With a hook that provides a deep pitch and tone, to then switching things up with singing in Spanish, and then twisting it up some more with a portion in English.

The genius level of creativity put into this project is a true display of art. This is not your average display of “up and coming” artists, this project is top tier ready for the world.


For more info and to keep up with both artists, you can following them on Instagram via:

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