Cwest - Time to Kill

Recently we have been on a streak of finding such talented underground artists. That streak continues today as we have recently discovered mdiwest emcee Cwest. What seperates Cwest from a majority of other artists we have covered, is Cwest's style and flow that goes against the current wood grain of hip hop. So much hip hop and rap has moved towards the light boppy, almost pop sound that just has a fun grove to it. Cwest moves in a whole different way with fast choppy bars. In his newest project, "Time to Kill", Cwest puts his skillset on full display.

The first thing that stands out to me on this project is the cadence and word play style that is used. Cwest has sited inspirations such as Eminem, Tech N9ne, Rittz, J.Cole, and Lil Wayne, and you hear each of those influences throughout the entire project. For instance, on the second track of the project "Too Close for Comfort" as well as the fourth track "Time to Kill", the delivery and style most gives a most definite Rittz vibe to them with the choppy bars and carrying of syllables and the end of a bar. You can appreciate the years of studying, practice, and preparation that Cwest has made to get to the point he is at currently.

For as much as we have hyped up the Midwest Chopper style of delivery by Cwest, he has just as much of an ability to slow things down and bring a smooth mellow vibe on tracks like "How Long?", "All on You", and "Vices". Then you can get surprised with hyped up energetic tracks like "F.Y.P.M." that has such a bouncy fun beat to it that Cwest goes crazy with on with a relentless flow. In all honestly, this may be my favorite track off of the project with such an entertaining beat and Cwest hitting it with pure accuracy. Just the overall different styles that are done on this project show the versatility that Cwest has as an artist and is primed for a breakout.

You can stream "Time to Kill" on all platforms: Click Here


A midwestern emcee with a perfect mix of bravado and vulnerable lyricism, Cwest’s true-to-life brand of hip hop has him poised for a major breakthrough. Born Cory West in La Porte, Indiana, the young artist grew up playing in metal and rock bands before discovering his passion for hip hop. Dubbing himself Cwest, his natural gift for language allowed him to explore his feelings about his own struggles and turn them into songs with a universal message. After years of staunch dedication, he officially emerged in 2020 with the full length ‘Time To Kill.’ Aggressive, thought provoking, and totally unapologetic, ‘Time To Kill’ marks the arrival of a major new talent on the hip hop underground.


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