By Small Ruin - All Is Well

Bryan Mullis, better known as By Small Ruin, as an anagram of his name has lived a spontaneous life full of travel and adventures that has become a staple of inspiration behind his music. When younger, By Small Ruin was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted. Between climbing on to water towers, hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend, and waking up to a SWAT team over confusion with the band’s van being associated to a nearby shooting, By Small Ruin has had no shortage of excitement. He even unexpectedly played for a nudist pool part of 100+ people. One story that almost sounds as if it was from a book or movie, includes being attacked in a convenient store that lead to shelves knocked over and bottles of beer thrown, destroying the store. By Small Ruin is a man of adventure and stories, and a man of those qualities makes a perfect storm for a great musician.

By Small Ruins started his music career traveling across doing what he does best, adventure and travel, playing music for anyone who would listen. With his adventures as a prime staple to his music, folks found his music captivating with riveting stories. While all of the stories shared have been fun or exciting with drama, he has also faced tragedy in the loss of his brother in a car accident. When losing a loved one, it can tend to do one of two things, tear you down and keep you there, or give you the motivation and inspiration to be something better than you were before. By Small Ruin has used the loss in his life as even more fuel behind his music and is on a tear. With his latest release, “All Is Well”, he shows he is more than just good stories and a fun person. He is hitting his next gear as musician.

In “All Is Well”, By Small Ruin puts on a total display of the instrumental and vocal talent possessed. The track begins with a strong play of guitar and drums that slowly bring in some light vocal play singing of “one goal”. The track shortly after hammers it in with a high tempo chorus and stronger vocal presence singing of “Raise a glass tonight, were helping ourselves, All is well. Won’t give up the fight, no matter the hell, all is well”. This track is easily relatable for many people as many have their own struggles and issues they deal with in life, along with the trial and tribulations of overcoming them.

By Small Ruin is a man of adventure and excitement who has overcame many trials in life and has shown to always keep pushing on. With a strong musical presence and skillset to combine with the person behind the music, great things are destined.


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