Bruce Cohen - Under the Nova

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

One of our biggest goals is to find new and experimental music and sounds and we recently struck gold in the single “Under the Nova” by Bruce Cohen.

In this single, Bruce takes you for a ride with a mind bending musical experience. This is a track that can not be fully appreciated in just one listen. The more you listen to this track, the more sounds you find and the more captivating it becomes. “Under the Nova” is the type of record that truly can take you for a trip if you close your eyes and let yourself ride to the music.

The track has a consistent flow to it that is constantly evolving with new sounds bouncing in and out. There is not one moment in the track that feels like it is ever repeated which provides a constant unique feeling at every turn of the track.

The beat starts off almost sounding like a Nine Inch Nails record and then warps and transforms into this trippy ambiance with vibrating effects going over top with more layers coming in and out. The creative genius it takes to create the sounds used and blend them so clean should not be underestimated. There are people who make music, and there are people who make ART. Bruce Cohen gives us a beautiful piece of art that should not go underappreciated. So put on your headphones and enjoy the experience.

Download "Under The Nova" now, here or watch via Youtube for the visual experience.


For more on Bruce Cohen, you can find him online via:




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