Bruce Buddah - Thinking Aloud

After an astonishing release of “California Sunny”, we were then put on to another Bruce Buddah record, “Thinking Aloud”. While “California Sunny” had a more soothing melodic flow, “Thinking Aloud” brings a whole new element and feeling to it that is contrasting in comparison.

On this single, Bruce Buddah shines in showing the variety of style and taste he can bring to a track with consistency. In “Thinking Aloud”, Bruce provides a more dark experimental twist to the track. The beat is top notch with different layers coming in and out. The different patterns bouncing in and out leave you on your toes of what is next. The beat itself has a large mixture of artistic skill applied to it.

What really takes this record to the next level is the vocal performance of Bruce. If you thought his singing was good on “California Sunny”, his bars and singing on “Thinking Aloud” are a level of their own. Bruce is constantly changing up the style with seamless transitioning from a style of rapping to singing you into a trance. The backup vocals Bruce put in add an extra airy vocal presence in the background that bring the vocals up another notch.

The creative ability Bruce Buddah put on with his vocals throughout the track really is what stole the show and made this a top-notch track. At this point, I am convinced Bruce Buddah can not miss on a track.


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