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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

After being blessed with discovering Bruce Buddah and sharing his tracks “Thinking Aloud” and “California Sunny” on here, we couldn’t help ourselves with digging into his discography even further. Instead of one track, we now got three separate tracks to open all of your ears with.

First track we want to share is “Trippin Over Myself”, is a record Bruce put together with the capture of his feelings when going through anxiety and how he uses the power of meditation to overcome it. Bruce defined this track as his first truly experimental track, and as we have previously stated on here before, we love the experimental chances Bruce can make on a record. You can feel the experimental style Bruce used here with unconventional sounds, cadence, and mixing on the vocals and adlibs that give the overall sound a unique feeling. The track comes in at a shade over two minutes in length which makes this track easy to throw on repeat.

The second track, “A Star is Born”, was inspired theater music that takes on the task of capturing the vibe and energy of that environment. I found this track in particular very interesting in how Bruce Buddah really puts on display his ability to create his own unique sound on a record. It can not be overstated how well Bruce has built his own sound and brand per se on a track. This track is very captivating in the hypnotic, trance-like sound to it. It’s got style and artistic flow that carry an aura to it.

The final track of this trilogy of songs we are sharing with you of Bruce Buddah is “I Forgive You” featuring 8nfinit, Ally, Rawfish, and Jack Crosby. This is a true instance of saving the best for last as we have already shared many great records of Bruce Buddah, but “I Forgive You” is a true display of craftsmanship. Bruce has shown a consistent display of bringing something great to every track and have a strongly diverse set of styles he can do. In this record you really get a little bit of everything as you have a slow mellow jam that has slow hypnotic moments that at times transitions to punchy bars then come back into someone else singing. We really have not heard much of Bruce collaborating with other artists yet, but this one shows the great results of when Bruce gets in the studio with other artists. No artist left anything on the table, as they all put their own touch of their style to the record. Yet, with so many different styles brought to this record, it all flows elegantly and flawlessly.

Bruce has shown a consistency to bring an all-star performance to each record he is on. No matter your style and taste of music, Bruce has a record for you. Which record is your favorite?


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