Bruce Buddah - California Sunny

When the sun light is burning down, setting into the horizon this summer and your looking for that right chill tune, save yourself the trouble and vibe to the new single by Bruce Buddah, “California Sunny”. This record isn’t going to get the party started, but it will get your mood and mind right.

In his new single “California Sunny”, you are instantly captivated by slow soothing sounds that set the tone from the start. Bruce comes in shortly after luring you in with a lifting swoon in his voice. Vocally, this is a purely dominate performance. The backup vocals provide a beautiful contrasting element to the sound. The instruments are slow and spacey with plenty of reverb giving it air to breathe. The pace of the record consistent and keeps you floating until the end.

Bruce was inspired from a visit to California he had made and the feeling he had brought back with him from the trip. With inspiration also drawn from Stevie Wonder, you can see how the track came about. Combining California vibes with the pure essence of sound and style from Stevie Wonder, you get a beautiful sound such as this.

This record is nearly impossible to point out any flaws on, as the sound is so clean, pure, and hypnotizing. This song has strong replay value as you could throw this on repeat as your watching the sun go down and reeling yourself in. With a tantalizing release such as this from Bruce Buddah, we hope he continues to set the mood with more smooth tracks such as this, sooner than later.


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