Brandon James is Rising

Chicago native, Brandon James falls in line with everything we look for in artists and is exactly the type of artist that motivate us to do what we do. Being a local product of where we are located, Brandon James has already taken the Chicago area by storm. With prior performances already under his belt in high profile locations such as the UIC Pavilion and The House of Blues, Brandon is primed to continue his growth across the country.

Three tracks that came across our radar are “Drifting”, “Surreal”, and “An Underdogs Tale”. Each track unique within their own right, but all elegantly display the talent and skill Brandon James has at his disposal.

With a soul/pop sound to his records, Brandon breathes air and ambiance in every track he touches. “Drifting” is an acoustic track with smooth guitar play and melodic vocals. This track is a must save for the hypnotizing combination of sounds. Having the right combination of sounds mixed properly is a highly underrated quality to have on a track, and Brandon nails it on this one.

On “Surreal” and “An Underdogs Tale”, Brandon James goes to the fullest extent showcasing his vocal talent and pen game with captivating lyrics. Although many are looking for high energy pop and hip hop music, Brandon James has carved a lane of his own that majority of people can vibe to and feel in their soul with his records.

In a city full of slept on artist that are starting to rise up and shine, Brandon James is leading the pack. With a album re-release on June 17th, tune in and capture the energy and emotion Brandon sets forth.


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