Bobby Royale - Fever Pitch

Bobby Royale is trying to make great music again. They need not say they are trying because they are doing so right before our eyes.

The Swedish group consisting of four members ( Uncle Gus, Tjompa Blindberg,  Isac Park and Björn Skizz Edqvist) are bringing all of the elements to music that people love and quite frankly need during such uncertain times.

Fever Pitch is an upbeat and energized record that is sure to make you want to hit the clubs on any day of the week. Without being able to attend shows or clubs, Bobby Royale has found a way to encapsulate the spirit of a good time through good music. The song is a mood changer the moment the beat starts which is an important new feature a song must have in order to capture the attention of an audience that has a shorter and shorter attention span.

The delivery of the raps is refreshing. It's pleasant to hear an artist sticking to fundamental hip-hop principles and doing so tastefully. The vocal performance provides remnants of classic hip-hop textures but still sounds contemporary enough for your local clubs.

If you are looking to hear the works of Bobby Royale stream their content on Spotify or other major platforms. 


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