The ATif - H.M.U Catfool

If you want to convince me that your creative and care about the quality of your sound just make multiple versions of it. I’m a sucker for multiple version of the same song. 

“H.M.U Cat Fool” by The ATif is an alternative rap, punk song that is a lot of fun. On Apple music and Spotify they have an acapella version, a dub step remix and the original. 

The clever punchlines and witty cadences keep the listener engaged throughout the entire song. The distinct voices between band mates also do a good job of keeping the listeners locked in.  

Everything about this song is unique from the Cover Art which features The Joker and the heads of Cats. The instrumentation is also unique, at times it feels like boom bap rap and other you feel like you are getting into some classic rock record. 

Standout moments: The opening bars on the beat confirm that you have no idea what you are about to hear, and that's a good thing. 

Reason to listen: If you’re interested in genre bending music. ATif is the artist for you. They are pushing the boundaries and making content for their fans with methods like the multiple versions songs. 

You can stream ATif’s new single “H.M.U Cat Fool” on apple music and all major streaming platforms. 









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