Antonio Eyez - Lucy's Dreams

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Closing out the year on a high note, Antonio Eyez has released a smooth new track titled “Lucy’s Dreams” along with a sharp visual to accompany it. When it comes towards the end of the year, there is of course always excitement surrounding holidays and such. But one other thing that is fun to keep an eye out for those within the music community, is keeping an eye for what songs or projects a band or artist releases before the year concludes. Although in the music world, things do not necessarily have to be ran based on the calendar. But for anyone looking to get a clean slate for 2021, releasing finished pieces of work is a good way to clean out the closet of good songs artists save up/

Antonio Eyez hits the nail on the head with this record and production, creating such a strong track to end the year on. The vocal performance is captivating with a smooth flow and warm tone, accompanied with nice backup vocals that provide a deeper tone that adds a welcoming dynamic to the overall sound. Combined with electrifying yet smooth instrumental performances, the track ties together beautifully. Antonio Eyez left nothing on the table with the track and combined a variety of elements and sounds into one composite track that is musically and visually stunning.


Antonio Eyez

- Producer, Composer, Arranger, Performer & Director

- Plays 21 Instruments and is the Founder Of “Black God Child” & “SpaceWar Music” Plays several genres of music from Psychedelic Funk, Rock, Alternative, R&B/Soul to Dream Pop. And recently just teamed up with LoveChild Productions.

- Toured & Worked with Artist such As Noel Gourdin, Algebra Blessett, Christopher Williams, Chante Moore, Van Hunt & Arrested Development.

Musical Influences includes:

D’angelo, Prince, David Bowie, George Clinton, Andre 3000, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Lenny Kravitz, Steve Vai, Joni Mitchell, Wyclef Jean, Jesse Johnson, Jimi Hendrix.


You can stream "Lucy's Dreams on all platforms: HERE, and for future updates and releases, you can follow via:






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