Anna Cole - "Boom Boom Bang"

Updated: May 19, 2020

As a North Carolina teen pop artist, Anna has taken pride in creating music that is centered around issues that teens face to shed some light and open dialogue through the public. Her story was picked up by the Associated Press and had accumulated to appearing on hundreds of media outlets across the United States.

Now recently signed to Zurich-based record label, Submindie Records, Anna Cole has released her new single “Boom Boom Bang” to display the next step she is taking in her music career. With inspirations like Dua Lipa, Sigala, and classic rockers like Journey, Anna has a strong blend of influences behind her music.

“Boom Boom Bang” is produced by Maison Real out of Barcelona, Spain showing the global connections that the artist is already gaining. The track gains even more depth with the use of bilingual lyrics in both English and Spanish. With a track as smooth and elegant as “Boom Boom Bang” it is easy for a listener of any culture to listen and feel connected with.

Anna Cole simply delivers with excellence on this track with flawless vocal delivery, fun word play, and top-level production and engineering. All these factors pull in together to create a masterpiece of a record. Listening to the track, you would be hard pressed to believe that Anna Cole is still only 14 years old with the level of maturity shown in her sound and vocal talent. With her eyes set for a more international reach and continuing to grow her fanbase and performances, Anna Cole is an artist that will hitting the Billboard Top 100 more sooner than later.


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