"American Descendant of Slavery", Terry Blade Review

The award-winning D.C record artist Terry Blade is speaking his unapologetic truth over his new album "American Descendant of Slavery". During a time of civil unrest and political controversy, Blade delivers his perspective on the current status of the Black American


The 19-track album offers a complex yet simple sentiment. The first and most prominent message and one that I think runs throughout the album is that not all black people think alike. The first song, the second track “Inward” speaks directly to this.

“Black ain’t all the same why yall get that shit entangled,” Blade raps in the first verse.

A simple bar leading the song spoke volumes. It also speaks to the sentiment that many outside perspectives seem to presuppose that blackness exists in a vacuum and that the actions, beliefs, and perceptions of black people haven't been shaped by, say, housing segregation, mass incarceration, poverty, underfunded schools, and the like.

Blade's renouncement of this idea holds true.

Creatively this album checks every box. The title and album cover art mesh perfectly together, the structure of the songs is refreshing, and it has skits/interlude. These days many albums don’t bother with skits because in the days of streaming people can just skip over the songs. But Blade decides to add them in any way and they’re powerful breathes of fresh air and reminder behind the purpose of this project.

The standout moment to this album comes toward the end with the song “Reparations”. For Black Americans, reparations should come in the form of wealth-building opportunities that address racial disparities in education, housing, and business ownership. Blade refers to historic events such as the promise of the 40 acres and a mule and the Tulsa massacre to help drive home his points of the injustice done and not repaired for black people.

“Reconcile the past, I’m trying to have a better future.”

In conclusion, Blade celebrates black culture and beauty in his own unique way. As a proud Black American and LGBTQ identifying singer-songwriter, Blade pushes the boundaries of any category that he finds himself in. His Album “American Descendant of Slaver” is sure to put Black History Month and the wide variety of black thoughts in perspective.


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