Alex Genadinik - Road Less Traveled

After discovering the track "Enchanting Woman" from Alex Genadinik, we could not help ourselves from checking out more tracks from the singer/songwriter. We were pleased to find such another great discovery in the song "Road Less Traveled". Alex Genadinik is proving more and more to be a completely underrated artist with each track he releases

Alex displays his focus on strong lyrical writing as the foundation of his music with great story telling that is thought provoking. The song is easy to connect to with a smooth guitar play complimented with pure vocals. The lyrics is what really pulls you in with a self-reflecting sentiment to it. The back half of the song features captivating transitions and changes in energy that keep you pulled in.

This record really puts on display the purest form of musical creation with well thought out lyrics, storytelling, and emotion to it. The best songs always bring out a certain emotion to the listener and Alex Genadinik executes with flawless precision on this one. With a spectacular ability for writing and connecting with listeners, we anticipate even greater releases from the singer and songwriter in the future.

You can stream "Road Less Traveled" on all streaming platforms: Here


Alex is influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and poets like Pushkin, Vladimir Vysotsky, and Bulat Okudzhava. He also runs a number of online projects like and

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