Alex Genadinik - Oh Michaelangelo

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

You might think we sound obsessive at this point, but we like to think that we are just catching lightning in a bottle. With Valentines Day coming up, this song was too suiting to not share and give our thoughts on. With each passing track from this artist that we listen to, we can not help but become more and more of fan of each release that we come across. And we will be here to share with you all along the way.

This recent track we are raving to share is from singer and songwriter Alex Genadinik titled "Oh Michaelangelo". The love song is inspired by the infamous painting by Michaelangelo, titled "Creation of Adam". We have been struck by Alex's ability to pen together such powerful writing performances that are then expressed through his strong vocals. On "Oh Michaelangelo", Alex once again comes out strong on his lyrical and vocal performances that captivates the listener.

Between the consistent and smooth piano play and Alex's top notch lyrics and vocals, the record captures the heart and emotions of the listener with ease. The song itself is easy and smooth to listen to. Come Valentines Day and your having a special dinner with your significant other, this track will have immensive power with connecting in that moment. Don't make the mistake of leaving this off of your playlist.


Alex Genadinik of is a singer-songwriter influenced by both US and Russian singers like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bulat Okudzhava, and Vladimir Vysotskly. Alex's songs feature imaginative poetry and beautiful, thoughtful lyrics that are bound to make you daydream about new worlds and ideas. Alex has also studied philosophy and art, so many of his songs refer to great art like this song refers to Michaelangelo. Alex also runs and


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