Beyond "Hypermode", SC4Real lets fans see what didn't make his album

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

If you go through SC4Real's music on streaming platforms you’ll see he is one of the most consistent artists we’ve ever posted here. His 2021 releases have been no exception and have in fact proved as evidence of his progression.

After the release of his 2020 album, “Hypermode”, which features stand out records such as “Now or Never” and “Alive", the decision makers at the independent label, Cool Rebel, decide to give fans the parts of SC4Real that didn’t make it onto the album.

The seasoned MC's record “Jedi” is full of ambition and it’s evident that he wants the listeners to feel his sense of determination in the sometimes uncertainty of the music industry. “Call it how you feel it, Hero and Villain” he raps in the first of the song.

By the time "Jedi" reaches its conclusion the listeners are rooting for SC4Real to complete whatever journey he is on.

Uniqueness and versatility are important concepts that help an artist differentiate himself from the pack. Crush, Soul Sonic Mix is an example of SC4Real range in his ability to make music for rap purists and also create a mainstream record that resonates with the casual listeners. This is without a question a record that translates beyond genres despite the fact he is rapping through the entire record. If records like these didn’t make it onto the album or onto the next one its no telling what he has in store for later releases.

Similar to Crush, Soul Sonic Mix, SC4Real’s record, "The Statement" is undoubtedly a rap record but one that could resonate with those who may not be the biggest rap fans. As with many of his records there are no gimmicks, no recycled melodies like the one that pollute the current rap atmosphere. Just pure bars, a refreshing smooth flow and hooks that come with a real substance.

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