A journey with the ET Boys on "Sober"

The dynamic duo out of Florida is back to bring fans their latest creation within the Nu Pop genre.

With Tacboy as the lead writer and vocalist and the combination of Sharkeyes on the production is the birth of the ET Boys and the results are guaranteed to be something that every music fan can appreciate.

The Nu Pop genre is something the ET Boys created and can be seen as a mix between various genres including melodic rap. The ability to mix genres that have never been mixed before is bold and ambitious venture but the ET Boys seemed to execute it perfectly

“Sober” is a song motivated by dark themes and a main character fighting his demons but it comes dressed in catchy melodies and a melodic rhythm that can force the listener to overlook the dark undertones. In addition, the ET Boys have a second release in the works that will tie the two songs together and finish the development of the main character.

Similar to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pool”, which touched on the struggles of alcoholism, Sober will continue to serve as a summer’s anthem.

The visuals for the song match the lyrics and vibe of the melodies perfectly. The transition and B-Roll shots fit seamlessly with the lyrics creating an almost movie like effect for the video. Domonick Giogianni, videographer for “Sober” said, “The ET Boys were a dream to work with.” And it is evident on the screen.

Tacboy and Sharkeyes’ fans will enjoy the music and video whether they are partying into the late night with it or they catch themselves playing it the morning after during a hangover.

Stream “Sober” everywhere that music is played and watch their video on YouTube now!

We look forward to hearing what the dynamic duo comes with next. Follow the on social media @ETBoysOfficial


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