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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Tenga Lo Que Tenga Blaze ft. Eloway


Joselito Fernandez (27 years old) is known professionally as Eloway Music who is an American artist, musician, rapper, director, producer, and Instagram personality from Ponce, Puerto Rico, raised in the neighborhood of Caricaboa, Jayuya, Puerto Rico along with 12 siblings.

His parents Francisco and Gloria Rivera got separated when he was barely 12 years old, causing internal struggle and turmoil as a child. Joselito didn’t complete his high school education as he dropped out from Leominster High School. Prior to that, he had attended Fitchburg Elementary School and Sky view Middle School.


At the age of 13 In Leominster, MA, Joselito began to find his own style and sound for music, of which became the beginning building blocks of success to come. Now as an artist known as Eloway Music, he has grown and evolved over the years to commonly known to work with Famous artists like Alex Kyza, Angel Doze, Nova La Amenaza, Jory Boy And much more.

When describing the music genre that Eloway Music creates, labels such as of Latin Trap and Reggeaton are best to describe, that are currently well known of emerging from Puerto Rico. He is known as the "Most Driven Director/Artists to show his Talent " by music and video critics and fans alike.

Highlighting his success and showing the next steps he is ready to take with his career, Eloway comes in on a hot track titled "Tenga Lo Que Tenga Blaze" that features a nice amplified beat with a fire kick and snare pattern. Eloway hits the track with relentless pressure and delivery each bar. You can feel the hours of work put into his craft to develop to where he is today. With hot tracks like this out there, expect even bigger things from Eloway Music in the coming years.


Want to see more? Follow Eloway music on Instragram: @Eloway


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